What is InnoLED Glass?

Our InnoLED safety glass product consists of 2 pieces of glass, encapsulating LED lights in between the panes. The electrical power is connected to the nearly invisible circuit board in between the transparent glass panes. This laminated glass can be safely used as decorative indoor applications and outdoor use, mainly for curtain walls or skylight fixtures. It can have optional module like a flash controller or remote controller to control the visualization.

Benefits of Using InnoLED Glass

  • Increase the visual appeal of any architecture
  • Safe for indoor and outdoor use
  • Electrical components are hidden from public view to maintain professional appeal
  • Wiring is held in place inside the glass panels and exits through the back of the safety glass for easy concealment into outlets
  • Glass panes withstand heat safely from LED lights
  • Reduces the amount of energy needed from traditional signage
  • No restrictions on LED signage
  • Remote controlled for convenient operation

Let Innoglass Provide You With Safety Glass that Offers Quality and Decorative Design

We strive to ensure that our customers never have to sacrifice quality for cost. We offer affordable safety glass solutions that also provide decorative design. The InnoLED products truly provide customers with the perfect addition to any indoor or outdoor setting that is safe from shattering, fire and visual discomfort. While the LED lights are visually appealing, they do not emit light that becomes a distraction. Our technology ensures that the glass panes that encapsulate the LED lights control the brightness and glare from being abrasive or overbearing to the public eye.

Contact an Innoglass representative today to discuss how your logo or design pattern can shine using the InnoLED product.