Ceramic Fritted Glass is produced to meet the standards and demands of the architectural industry. Produced by screening one layer of ceramic enamel over flat glass, and treated with high temperatures, the ceramic glass then fuses onto the glass surface firmly and securely. Innoglass utilizes a ceramic that is chemical and scratch resistant with a high opacity that hardly fades. This ensures consistent and vibrant quality over long periods of time. 

We offer a wide variety of colors and patterns designs that create a distinctively visual effect of the individual building. Since designers and architects normally have a customized design and colors pattern for each building, so do we! Our ceramic enamel not only provides visual uniqueness, but also absorbs and reflects solar energy to ensure efficient protection of color patterns. All Innoglass ceramic fritted glass cleans easily providing a convenient way to maintain its vibrancy at all times.

While ceramic fritted glass can be used to accent nearly any structural glazing, it is most commonly used in façade and wall claddings. It is also commonly used as a sun-screen, solar control and glare reduction in tropical climates, patios or sunrooms.

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