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While windows traditionally allow you to see the public, as well as to be seen, there are certain settings that require a bit of shielding from prying eyes. Innoglass Privacy Glass solutions offer such privacy at the flick of a switch. Using a unique technology, our privacy glass enables interchangeable ordinary clear glass to a translucent glass. This ensures optimal vision control at all times. All it takes is a simple electrical switch as turning the lights on.

Benefits of Using Innoglass Privacy Glass Solutions 

  • Change to clear or translucent uniformly within seconds over the entire surface area
  • Improved comfort and privacy levels
  • Protection of interior furniture and other valuable items from UV damage
  • Safety & security operated using AC Voltage Battery (60VAC / 90VAC)
  • Requires minimal power of less than 7.0 watts per square meter
  • Superior optical qualities relative to other privacy glass products

Obtain Easy and Convenient Application to:

  • Architectural windows
  • Skylights
  • Interior partitions
  • Glass covering products

Using Privacy Glass as Rear Projection Screening

Privacy glass can be used as an innovative and dynamic advertising board as well. The interior can be open during working hours by turning the window transparent, while at night, the window can be converted into a dynamic advertising board by simply turning the window off. In the off position, the window would display the advertising method of your choice. This function can be fully operated automatically by timer or sensor features – perfect for larger buildings or fast paced offices.

Benefits of Using Privacy Glass as Rear Projection

  • High resolution performance 
  • Large viewing angle for optimal exposure
  • Projection equipment is hidden behind the screen 
  • High acoustic performance
  • Noise reduction from the projector side
  • Visually appealing screen while transparency is enabled
  • Safety and security of laminated glass
  • Easy to clean
  • Cost-effective media solutions

Convenient Application for:

  • Store fronts
  • Façades
  • Conference Rooms
  • Control Rooms
  • TV studios
  • Exhibitions
  • Showrooms
  • Boardrooms

Technical Specification

Product Data Sheet

Product Dimension Remarks
Glass Thickness (mm) Width x Height (mm)
Privacy Glass 6.5 Max 980 x 1500 Syandard Colour: Milky White
Min 210 x 297
10.5 / 12.5 Max 1500 x 3000
Min 210 x 297

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