Bullet-resistant glass is a laminated glass with clad carbonate that maintains the ability to withstand protection against bullet threats from 9mm handgun to NATO armor piercing rifle. Built with a minimum thickness to stop bullets and prevent shattering, this type of safety glass can protect a person on the protected side from harm’s way as it is impenetrable and will not shatter. Innoglass bullet resistant glass is designed to offer excellent residual vision after attack to ensure continued safety and protection. We engineer the bullet-resistant glass to be lighter in weight by using the polycarbonate material, making it suitable for armor vehicles as well.

Containment Glass

Innoglass containment glass is a laminated composite of symmetrical glass clad polycarbonate or laminated polycarbonate. This is specially designed for protection against prolonged physical attack and lethal ballistic threats. While our bullet-resistant glass is safe for any industry, typical applications are generally utilized by:

  • Correctional facilities
  • Psychiatric hospitals
  • Government buildings
  • Jewelry stores
  • Retail store fronts,
  • Any environment where maximum security is demanded

Blast Resistant Glass

Innoglass Blast-Resistant Glass is a laminated composite of all glass. A properly engineered protective laminated system is designed to the optimized the strength to retention in blasts. This ensures that the establishment and its occupants are well protected from harm, and maintain the ability to evacuate when needed. Since the glass is strong enough to maintain intense pressure while maintaining visibility, even after impact, it provides ample time to implement emergency plans effectively without worrying about impact, shattering or exposure.

According to Australian
Standard AS/NZS 2343-1997

According to Australian Standard AS/NZS 2343-1997
Classification of Panel Type of Weapon Calibre Ammunition Range Number of strikes Panel Thickness (mm)
G0 9mm Handgun 9mm Parabellum 8.0g FMJ 3m 3 14.55
G1 0.357 Magnum Handgun 0.357 Magnum 10.2g JSP 3m 3 18.15
G2 0.44 Magnum Handfun 0.44 Magnum 15.6g SWC 3m 3 26.76
R1 5.56 Rifle 5.56mm x 45 M193 3.6g FMJ 10m 3 27.65
R2 7.62 Rifle 7.62mm x 51 Nato Standard 9.3gFMJ 10m 3 38.74
Abbrevation: FMJ = Full Metal Jacket, JSP = Jacketed Soft Point, SWC = Semi Wadcutter