What is InnoShield Plus?

An Eco-friendly Ceramic Coating with it’s main composition of SiO? ( silicone dioxide) and AI?O3 (aluminium oxide), it is 100% inorganic and does not produces VOC ( volatile organic compounds). It can be apply on glass, aluminium, stainless steel, sheet metal, copper and most metallic surfaces. InnoShield Plus forms a hydrophilic surface while hydrophilic molecules attract water molecules when they blend together, transforming a water droplet into a thin sheeting layer on top of the coating, which enables an oil spot or dirt to rinse away. As for exterior use, rainwater will spread on the coating surfaces and leave no water streak, which is also an excellent defogger. The coated surface is moist most time and thereby making the coated surface antistatic.

InnoShield Plus coating also enrich with TiO? ( Titanium Dioxide ). The irradiation of TiO? with UV light produces the hydroxyl radical, hydrogen peroxide and superoxide anions. These reactive oxygen species can damage the structure and disrupt the biochemistry of bacteria and fungus.

Easy Cleaning

Inorganic coating has better resistance to adhere dust or stain. Our environment contain abundance of organic substance. Once the surface of the coating are adhere with organic stain, we can use water without any detergent to clean or wipe easily. InnoShield will be hydrophilic and form a water membrance and penetrate underneath of the organic stain and lift it off, like a peeling effect. Then we can use running water or a damp cloth to clean it.

Reliable and Durable Coating

Since InnoShield Plus is an inorganic coating, thus it has excellent resistance properties against acid/ alkaline and organic solvent. Further most organic paints have hardness of less than 3H whilst InnoShield Plus has hardness of over 9H, which is of a high scratch resistance level. The bonding strength of Si-O and Si-OH in the coating, required energy higher than Infrared to break down, thus it is more durable and suitable for outdoor purposes. The ceramic particle in the coating also facilitates to withstand a temperature up to 600°C making inorganic paints outlast organic paints by decades.