Innoglass is a leader in Malaysia producing automotive glass for commercial buses and trucks. Our contemporary automotive design has a modern glass structure that is engineered and produced with windscreens, satisfying the stringent safety requirement and quality. We also customize ceramic pattern and color-tinted for OEM coach manufacturers. Our goal is to ensure that automotive glass is always in optimal shape to keep commercial vehicles safe on the road during any condition.

Automotive windshields play a vital role in the overall safety of the vehicle, many of which carry children and citizens using public transportation. Our automotive glass ensures that in the event of an accident, the laminated glass provides a stronger sense of safety since the glass retains the splinters and fragments from shattering and causing injury. Instead, the particles are retained in the structural integrity.

We go above and beyond to ensure that quality standards is upheld in each pane of glass produced and installed. A lot goes into the Innoglass automotive glass before it is installed into any commercial vehicle. Our leading-edge manufacturing facilities strive to design and build windshields that cater to buses and trucks specifically. This ensures that each pane is custom fitted and designed for the most common (and uncommon) obstacles that these vehicles may face on the road such as inclement weather, wind pressure and debris. 

Innoglass Automotive Glass Ensures:

  • Safety on the road
  • Specialized tinting and interlayers results in cooler cabins, better fuel economy and less vehicle emissions

Innoglass also offers solar management glass options for windshields. These safety glass options enable the ability to reflect heat from the sun while providing a visual transmission appearance, similar to tinted glass.

Contact an Innoglass representative today to discuss how our automotive safety glass can benefit your individual needs. We are fully equipped and experienced in handling fleet accounts to ensure all commercial busses and trucks are safe on the road.