What is InnoSolar Solutions?

Innosolar safety glass uses a semi-transparent solar module, where two pieces of low-iron tempered glass sandwich the high-efficient solar cells using PVB. This technique can be used in power-generating daylight and sun shading purposes. It combines profitable, environmentally-friendly energy production with an attractive design appeal. Innosolar solutions replaces conventional façade materials, creating a more cost-effective solution since it recovers the investment by reducing energy and utility expenses.

Innosolar glass can be customized to the designers needs to enable variable light transmission and shading by modifying the distance and the numbers of cells in a module. The transparent PVB made it a safety glass and also help in noise reduction and security.

The Technology

Innosolar glass solutions are categorized as building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV). This essentially means that they are photovoltaic materials typically used in replacing conventional building materials. More and more architects are using this type of solution as an electrical power source in new structures to optimize the building structure and reduce the amount of future upgrades that will be needed. 

Advantages of Using Innosolar Solutions

  • Hardly limits application possibilities
  • Can be used on overhead glazing in external areas
  • Perfect for semi-transparent glass facades
  • Processed further into solar electric insulation glass
  • Reduces the initial cost by reducing building materials and labor expenses
  • One of the fastest growing segments of the photovoltaic industry

Innosolar creates innovative solutions for thermal facades and glass roofs that accent any building design.