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What's New at InnoGlass

Since 2004, Innoglass Sdn Bhd has operated in the embodiment of innovative development in the safety glass industry for both architectural and automotive glass.

Today, Innoglass not only provides quality safety glass and aesthetics solutions to buildings, but we do so in a cost-effective, eco-friendly manner. From an environmental perspective, we uphold the philosophy, Do the RIGHT things & do them RIGHT! We are determined to provide our customers with energy efficient, environmental friendly products, and sustainable solutions that not only save them money but offer the highest quality as well. Together, we build the better living spaces of tomorrow.

Safety Glass

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Laminated Safety Glass

Glass has become an indispensable material in modern architecture that protects the structure while conveying a subconscious message to visitors as well. Laminated safety glass reflects light from the structure, helping to eliminate distractions and the office, as well as maintain climate control as well. Our safety glass also offers the highest quality composition that lasts for years to come.

Automotive Glass

We are proud to be a leading manufacturer of Malaysian produced automotive glass – keeping buses and commercial trucks safe. Innoglass strives to maintain the safety and precision of commercial vehicles with our innovative, air tight safety glass. These vehicles transport thousands of citizens and manufactured goods each day – why shouldn’t they be protected?

Curve Safety Glass

Not every commercial building utilizes straight windows in their design. For this reason, Innoglass provides custom curved safety glass that complements and accents any architectural design effectively. Our quality safety glass can be curved to meet your window frames, despite the size, angle or space restriction. We offer high quality materials that are created with aerodynamic precision to reduce the risk of accidental shattering from weather conditions and accidents.

Bullet Resistance Glass

Our bullet-resistant glass is manufactured from quality laminated composite of asymmetrical glass clad polycarbonate. This material provides shatter and scratch-proof resistance, as well as non-penetrable surface for the utmost protection. The thick, multi-pane design ensures that even the highest caliber bullet cannot penetrate through the surface layers, making it ideal for commercial properties, as well as government vehicles and offices.


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Over the years of our business in the industry, Innoglass has provided different types of glass supply to our customers. We have been supplying construction glass and architectural glass to our clientele in the building and construction sector. Our innovative developed products are quality assured to provide safety usage.

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Innoglass Safety Glass Shopping Tips

Shopping for safety glass that will complement your architectural or automotive design features? Let Innoglass help you determine which features are best suited to your needs. Here are some helpful shopping tips to keep in mind …

  • Educate yourself enough to answer the age of question – What is Safety Glass?
  • Ensure that your solutions provider has the knowledge, experience and time to answer all of your questions. 
  • Commercial safety glass should last for at least a decade without requiring replacement, are your solutions covered under warranty?
  • When using safety glass for automotive purpose, does your solutions provider adhere to all compliance regulations?
  • What types of service or warranty contracts are offered?
  • What’s the new processing technology or technique for the glass application?