Curve Safety Glass

Curved Safety Glass is available in both tempered glass and laminated glass options. While the curve tempering process involves heating, then molding the glass into the required shape before finally toughening, Innoglass ensures that each pane manufactured caters to the contour of your individual space requirements. By using movable rollers to form the exact curve shape in the quenching process, the need for expensive press moulds is eliminated – reducing the overall cost while maintaining the quality and safety features. 

This technology is completed with a sophisticated computer system that allows each shape to be precisely molded to the individual customer specifications, providing cost-effective building solutions. Curved tempered glass can only maintain a single curve with a constant radius – perfect for store fronts, skylights and decorative interior architectural designs.

Curved laminated glass, however, requires a set of stainless steel molds that caters to each individual size and shape needed. The glass is put onto the mold where heating can be applied, and then the glass can be softened and sagged onto the mold. The gravitational force naturally forms a sturdy curve that is then it sent for lamination. Curved laminated glass offers less distortion when compared to the curved tempered glass products. This type of curved glass can also be formed into multi-directional and non-constant radius patterns such as 3D profiles; where as curved tempered glass is often restricted in these highlights.

During the past decade, curved glass has stimulated creativity, research, technical development and industrial specialization. Glass processors turn architectural ideas into reality. Large curved glass surfaces are becoming an essential structure of many buildings, making close cooperation throughout the project essential. It would increase the aesthetic when a large curved glass instead of many segmented flat glass joining together to form a curvature.

Contact an Innoglass specialist today to discuss which type of curved tempered safety glass is right for your individual needs.